The diocese of Ciudad del Este published a self-defense in the face of Vatican sanctions. This is rich: the report from CatholicCulture said that the scandal-plagued priest, Carlos Urrutigoity, got a thumbs up from a prelate in a very high place:

Father Urrutigoity “came recommended by some cardinals with functions in the Holy See (one of them, elected a few days later Successor of Peter).” The Vatican, through the apostolic nuncio, and “with the consent of the excardinating bishop,” authorized the incardination.

And besides the allegations involved an adult, not a child. The bar has really been set low, it seems.

But let’s get back to that supposed endorsement of Cardinal Ratzinger. Is it believable that a charming groomer who, in turn, raised money then flushed it down the toilet, and who fled from country to country, diocese to diocese, would be able to exert influence at the very top of the Church? Or that the “young, conservative” clergy of this Paraguayan diocese would name-drop the pope emeritus?

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2 Responses to Ratzinger-Approved?

  1. Jim McCrea says:

    Is it believable? Unfortunately, after what we have heard over the past few years of sexual abuse, coverups in high places and financial chicanery at all levels of the organization ….. yes, it IS believable.

  2. John McGrath says:

    Keep in mind that this priest was formerly a member of Bishop Lefevre’s ultra-conservative break away group. Ratizinger was desperate to prove the efficacy of his papacy by bringing this group back to Rome and also to reconvert Europe. He failed in those two goals.

    LeFavre’s group, by the way, is strong in nearby Argentina so maybe the though was to move this bishop for his next job into Argentina and recruit back some of the break away priests located there.

    There does need to be some way to forgive priest who have sexual relations of a consensual and noncriminal kind with adults.

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