Pines of the Janiculum

Janiculum Hill

It’s been over six years since I last enjoyed a live performance of Pines of Rome. What a concept for an orchestral piece: pine trees in four locations around the Eternal City.

The thrilling opening movement and the pounding passion of the last are what catch the listener’s first attention. But I really enjoy movement 3, Pines of the Janiculum (I pini del Gianicolo).

Here’s a very nice rendition by the Radio Sinfonie Orchester Stuttgart SWR, conducted by Georges Prêtre, and if you wish, you can attend to some moments:

  • One of the loveliest clarinet lines in all of music starts at 0:34
  • the entrance of the upper register strings with sublime harmonization at 2:26
  • the clarinet returns to dialogue with the string section at 2:54
  • oboe at 3:20, cellos at 3:47
  • that clarinet returns at 5:49
  • note the bird at 6:05
  • and the harp gets the final statement of the clarinet line.

I see a pine tree or two in that Wikipedia image above. But mainly I like listening to the music. The nightingale suggests an evening setting, but I think music like this is suitable for a Sunday afternoon, too.

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