Ignatius of Loyola, Writing Mentor

ignatius loyola with laptopRegarding Ignatius’ letter to Pierre Favre, this is the last attempt to link what he told other Jesuits about writing and what we might deduce he would say about blogging.

Get better at it, and love it:

I exhort you, then, as I am bound to do for the greater glory of God our Lord, and I beg of you by His love and reverence to improve your writing and to conceive some appreciation for it, as well as a desire to edify your brethren and your neighbor by your letters.

It’s not time wasted …

Be assured that the time you spend at it—it can be put down to my account—will be spent in our Lord.

… if done with diligence, that second draft that Ignatius really wants to see:

It is an effort for me to write a principal letter twice, to give it some appearance of order, to say nothing of the many additional sheets. Even this letter I have twice written with my own hand; how much more, then, should each member of the Society do likewise? You have to write to one person only, but I have to write to everyone. I can truthfully say that the other night we counted the letters which we were sending to various places and found that there were two hundred and fifty. If some of you in the Society are busy, I am convinced that I am no less busy than any of you, and with poorer health than you.

Sounds like one or two professors I’ve known.

Check the link for his last paragraph: a few more insights, and a few more personal things. I’ll mention I found his prescription for writing every two weeks interesting. He himself committed to write to everyone every month. I can imagine if these took the place of meetings, what the saint would think of Skype or other platforms for face-to-face.

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