Beach Mass

Reader Joe Mcmahon sent me the link to his fine blog, including this post on a parish hosting a Sunday evening “Beach Mass.” He also suggested I check St Mary’s Facebook page for some images of the Mass. I noticed this one.

Obviously, I have a liturgical opinion and some personal ones. Last first.

I find it a bother to do music outside. Maybe one reason (among many) I would never have survived as a guitarist for a major rock band: give me a club over a stadium any day. I remember an episode more than thirty years ago when Stevie Nicks looked pretty tired in the middle of a Fleetwood Mac concert. She sat on a monitor speaker and peeled off her stockings. That said …

I’ve done one or two outdoor weddings, and a few band gigs at a Farmer’s Market and such. Please: no more. Got sunburn on my hands one morning.

I am aware of significant fuss over the issue of outdoor weddings, if not destination affairs. About an absolute rule against outdoor weddings? If outdoors is good enough for a pope … I know, I know: popes can do as they darn well please. And no wedding is going to draw 5M on Copacabana Beach. No church could fit a pilgrimage Mass with a pope.

A parish that does a beach Mass at 6:30pm on a Sunday: that sounds more like townies and maybe long-term vacationers and less the weekend tourist. I can see how relaxing that might be. I’m not a total skeptic on St Mary’s doing this. The possibility for abuse–social not liturgical–is there, I suppose.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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