On Retreat

Posting will continue to be light for another day or three. I’ve been on duty at the annual student leader retreat. Our diocesan retreat house has an image of us on its Facebook page. Our youngest member of our retreat community (being held by his mom, far left)celebrated his first patronal feast yesterday. One of the students commented that in the Lectionary for Mass, the choices of Wisdom and 1 John we punctuated by an “OR.” Maximilian Kolbe isn’t a solemnity, I was reminded.

I told him, yes, we were doing both readings plus a Gospel. For a name saint on an event like a retreat, why not? A personal patron’s day is a significant occasion. Especially the very first one. If a believer doesn’t get three readings at Mass, it’s a good day to read them all at home. At least.

With the holy day and a funeral this week at the parish, we had to scramble the schedule a bit. My colleague and new mom, Emily, had most of Wednesday afternoon’s content. I had all afternoon yesterday–before those images were snapped.

I have a presentation on parish and campus ministry structure. You can imagine that as an artist with something of an anti-authority streak, I dislike that chat.

I picked up energy when I did my talk on prayer and lectio divina. Along with John 3:1-9, we looked at this image–a bit of visio divina:

tanner jesus and nicodemus

What do you see in this image? The students had very rich reflections indeed on this. I noticed the glow on Jesus’ chest–where his heart would be. I also noted the gesture of his hand, a beckoning to come–not so much making a point to be absorbed.

Retreat finishes up a bit before dinner time on Friday. We’ve had a long and full two days. If I thought I didn’t like being the person to lecture on administrative structure, I just had another experience that doesn’t thrill me. The young men and I are on one wing of the retreat center. About ten minutes ago, I thought I heard women’s voices and laughter outside my door. Much to my surprise, I found we had “outsiders” at the charmingly social hour of 1AM.

My young male friend down the hall said he was just showing them an icon. “I’ll go get it,” he said, and bring it to the common area.

Good idea, dude. I think you have to watch the straight-arrow guys most carefully. I was one once myself.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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