Outclassed Clarets

Burnley_FC_badge_2010If game one of their season was any indication, Burnley FC looks to be in for a very long season. Chelsea turned on the juice for about twenty minutes, and the home side was lucky to escape to halftime down only 1-3 and not a player besides. For long stretches of the second half the visitors appeared to be toying with the Clarets who, except for one or two sleepwalking moments by the victors, didn’t seem to belong on the field at all.

Was the addition of two top players just too much for a Chelsea opponent? What about the rest of the league?

It looks like Chelsea and Man U City will be at the top all season long. I’m hoping for Swans to finish 7th, but a top half finish seems doable. What if Man U were to finish its first season about 11th place? What do you suppose would be the reaction from the faithful then? Does it seem like Alex Ferguson retired at the right moment?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Outclassed Clarets

  1. David D. says:

    I hope you meant to write Man City rather than Man U.

  2. I like Burnley’s 8-bit logo.

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