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Various commentators on the internet today: Ann Carey continues to hammer away on the LCWR at the NCReg. Indeed, time may be running out on the “conversation” with the CDF delegate anyway, for only two and a half years remain … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Mark 12:28-34

The inquiry about the greatest commandment appears in two other Gospels (Matthew 22:34ff and Luke 10:25ff). The former is a suggestion for a Penance liturgy under the theme of “Love is the fullness of the law.” I suppose Mark’s version … Continue reading

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DPPL 28-29: The Middle Ages

On the Vatican site, the DPPL doesn’t single out section 29 as the discussion turns to the Middle Ages. Let’s take all five paragraphs today and offer a few brief comments on them. 28. Among the main concerns of the … Continue reading

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Neglect the Weightier Matters

I have been reading, but not too deeply, the news stories and commentaries coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. I recognize that the corporate media has its own agenda there. It’s not likely that very deep journalism is taking place. I’ll … Continue reading

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