Various commentators on the internet today:

Ann Carey continues to hammer away on the LCWR at the NCReg.

Indeed, time may be running out on the “conversation” with the CDF delegate anyway, for only two and a half years remain in the five-year window to complete the reform, which appears not to have even begun.

Two-plus years? Has the investigation really been in limbo that long? Maybe it’s lost steam in Rome, Cardinal Müller is just tossing a little cover for the American bishops, and we’ll see two-point-five more years of the sound of a broom swishing on a floor.

Bill Donohue is still carrying a torch for Bishop Robert Finn. It’s considered good journalistic ethics to attribute a source, but note that the Standard Newswire story doesn’t list any link to the offending organ. Guess I’ll have to take their word that the Kansas City Star called for the local bishop to resign for the sixth time in three years. Another long campaign, eh?

In case you thought installment number one of the Carlos Urrutigoity saga wasn’t enough, Commonweal‘s Grant Gallicho has more on the tale of how you can’t found a city on a hill with foundations in the sewer. Makes you think twice about punching that paypal donation button on some random professed-orthodoxy site. The most damning bit of all:

He claimed that Urrutigoity wasn’t all that committed to the old Latin Mass.

Yikes. What an indictment. More to come, so we are told.



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