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Creed at Liturgy

One memory of forty-four years ago, my baptismal day, was some concern about reciting the Creed. I had been going to Mass for a number of months, so the Nicene Creed was okay in my head. But there was enough … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Mark 2:1-12

The appendix of the Rite of Penance offers a handful of themes to those prepare a liturgy. That preparation might involve a communal service at the Church. But it might well lead to a home celebration. In that instance, the … Continue reading

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Man as Buffoon

I think Pewsitter linked to Msgr Charles Pope’s blog where the lament of the descent of man was in full flower last week. The opener: I’ve raised concerns in the past about the “men are stupid” variety of commercials that … Continue reading

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DPPL 30: Medieval Separation of Liturgy from Vernacular Piety

The Church lists some reasons for the 7th-to-15th century split in Christian religious practice: 30. The following may be counted among the reasons for the development of this dualism: • the idea that the Liturgy was the competence of clerics … Continue reading

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