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Pulling Saints Down To The Level Of Scandal

I have an icon of the Apostle to the Apostles in my office. She holds a container of myrrh, a traditional Eastern image. As far as I’m concerned, the apocryphal tradition that she was a prostitute is an unneeded hagiography. … Continue reading

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Defining A Martyr

Considering a photojournalist, an archbishop, and countless others, who determines martyrdom? Is it the martyrs themselves? Their survivors and colleagues and loved ones? Their murderers? Some post-death committee of truth? The number of disciples who follow in their footsteps? Do … Continue reading

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Inspector Lewis

Home sick with the flu these days. You’ll have noticed blogging was very slow yesterday. I’ve been watching a few episodes of my wife’s dvd collection of Lewis, the fine British tv series. I confess upfront I’m not familiar with the … Continue reading

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DPPL 34-35: The Divorce of Liturgy and Spirituality

In DPPL 34 and the following sections, the Church looks at “The Modern Period.” The Council of Trent is placed squarely here. Modern or not, the 1500’s were a time of immense upheaval. Laypeople and likely many clerics were long adrift … Continue reading

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One way or another, lots of good people, even journalists, are obsessed a bit with the conflation of “Pope Francis” and “Left.” Perhaps understandable, as the rose-colored era of 1978-2013 provided not so much a broad effort to gathering in … Continue reading

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Aparecida 68 – National Financial Concerns

In paragraph 68, the bishops make a brief account of the reasons they see as limiting the funds available for government projects. Although a great deal of progress has been made in controlling inflation and in the macroeconomic stability of … Continue reading

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