Pulling Saints Down To The Level Of Scandal

I have an icon of the Apostle to the Apostles in my office. She holds a container of myrrh, a traditional Eastern image. As far as I’m concerned, the apocryphal tradition that she was a prostitute is an unneeded hagiography. Male demoniacs in the Bible weren’t accused, as far as I know, of being pimps or male companions. The Bible witness is enough, rich enough. Maybe she went to France or to the desert. Consult Dan Brown on the former, I guess.

Maybe Dan Brown would take exception to the attempted rehabilitation of disgraced LC founder Marcial Maciel, as cited in the NCRep:

The priest speaks his heart: “Marcial Maciel’s initials are also MM, just like Mary Magdalene. She had a problematic past before her deliverance, so there’s a parallel. Our world has double standards when it comes to morals. Some people have a formal, public display and then the real life they live behind the scenes.

“But when we accuse someone else and we are quick to stone him, we must remember that we all have problems and defects. With modern communications so out of control, it is easy to kill someone’s reputation without even investigating about the truth. We should be quieter and less condemning.”

At dotCommonweal, our friend Jimmy Mac had the most insightful rejoinder: MM are also the initials of Marilyn Manson. I think the shock rocker comes off badly in comparison to the man, but we get the drift.

Maybe it’s time to just fold the whole Legionaries experiment. It seems like attempting to graft live branches on a dead tree with a poisoned root. But on the other hand, raising $40M is not chickenfeed. Even if one gets wrong the Bible, moral theology, and perhaps even the truth.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Pulling Saints Down To The Level Of Scandal

  1. John Drake says:

    One of the few actions of Benedict with which I disagree was the effort to reform the Legion. Should have been suppressed.

  2. I never followed the scandal about MM very clearly, but it seems to be a terrible understatement to call them “problems or defects.” We do a great disservice to the Church when terrible crimes are swept under the rug.

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