CDWDS Head Heads Back To Spain

Cardinal CanizaresWhispered here, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera, head of the curial dicastery in charge of liturgy, will soon head back to his native Spain to take the helm at the Archdiocese of Valencia.

Fretting will commence anew among liturgical conservatives, I’m sure. The Catholic Herald reminds of a rumored successor with this caveat:

(A)fter Pope Francis’s election there was speculation that the Italian Archbishop Piero Marini would be given the role.

The controversial Archbishop Marini advised Pope John Paul II on litrugical(sic) matters during his papacy.

lol. Every CDWDS head in recent memory has been controversial. The last two popes swim in controversy. Controversy, it seems, is a requirement for bishops these days–one way or the other.

Piero Marini at the top of the Catholic liturgy ladder would be a delicious spectator sport. Sites from Rorate Caeli to the Café would drape themselves in black magna cappas and program Dies Irae into their soundtracks 24/7. I know I would have to give up the internet for at least a month to restrain myself.

I don’t know if Piero Marini is the best man for the job. I simply have little to no experience with non-English speakers in the universal Church. I suppose Cardinal Burke would be the reform2 choice–he has yet to be reconfirmed as Chief Justice, I think. If I were thinking solely in terms of Americans, I would suggest Jennifer Haselberger to head up the Apostolic Signatura and Rita Ferrone for CDWDS. But I don’t think Pope Francis is that liberated. Nor do I think the curia is ready for lay women to take charge at two key agencies. Nor would I want to see two admirable figures subjected to the shark tank.

I must remember to pray for the next liturgy head. Likely a thankless job with the most stuffed mailbox south of the Holy Father’s–thanks to Liturgiam Authenticam. I only hope to heaven we don’t get a canon lawyer in the slot.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to CDWDS Head Heads Back To Spain

  1. Jim McCrea says:

    It would be nice if we got someone with extensive pastoral experience in the slot.

    Oh, I know …. silly me.

  2. Gerry says:

    Someone who might finally deal with the Mass as celebrated by the neocatechumenal way

  3. I’m reminded of a meme I saw on Facebook after the Obama Care Supreme Court Decision: Brace Yourself. Every single person on Facebook is about to become a constitutional law professor.

    Brace yourself. Every single Catholic website is about to become experts at Church liturgy.

    As for Dies Irae, there are many lovely versions of that, so I can think of far worse fates.

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