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Aparecida 70 – The Plague of Corruption

Corruption is one of the principal problems in Latin America, especially in countries like Honduras and Haiti. A good source for analysis of the issue world wide is Transparency International. Thus an economic analysis of Latin America and the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Dealing With The Distasteful

I¬†was trolling around facebook and I found a new iteration of an old, bad idea. The good news, I suppose, is that the wind has gone out of those angry, possibly envious, sails. The original site is now gone. But … Continue reading

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DPPL 39-40: Trent, the Good and Bad

The Council of Trent gets a bad rap, especially in progressive circles. But in many ways it did address, or attempt to address, the need for reform. Was active participation really a priority, as stated here: 39. In conformity with … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Bishops and Priests

NCRep notes key passages from the Holy Father’s address to the Korean bishops were excised from the web. Were they “tough” as the NCRep headlined it? Honest, I would say … or presume to say. I would want that kind … Continue reading

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MM, MM, Reaction, mmm

NCRep reports on a concession from the Legionaries on comparing their disgraced founder with a saint. Maybe all those internet commentaries suggesting this is a sign the LC should be mothballed permanently got someone’s attention. Will the $100M campaign stall? … Continue reading

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