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Aparecida 73 – Migration

Not too many years ago, most of the Latin American population lived in rural areas. Currently almost 80% live in urban areas. There are a few exceptions, including Guatemala (50.5% rural), Honduras (48.4% rural) and Haiti (47.9% rural). But Brazil has … Continue reading

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Parading in NY

So, an LGBT group will march in New York in 194 days. An archbishop seems fine with it. The word is still out in Boston, where similar groups cannot march. Is Cardinal Dolan trying to get a “who-am-I-to-judge” leg up on … Continue reading

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An Equal Opportunity Beheader

We all know, or at least we should know that the mainstream Western media is playing up the ISIS-persecuting-Christians meme. David Gibson at RNS takes a peek at other victims. Like a journalist who was Jewish, and actually had Israeli … Continue reading

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DPPL 45: Romanticism and a Budding Liturgical Renewal

According to the DPPL, the Church experienced renewal in both liturgy and popular piety in the 1800’s. It’s interesting that “revival” is used in the English translation of the text here, as “revival” is also how religious awakening in Protestant … Continue reading

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