pillow stuffingOne things about the internet, call it great or not, is that it lends itself to easy editing in many fora.

I read Msgr Charles Pope’s post on Cardinal Dolan opening up the floodgates of Sodom and Gomorrah to wash away the St Patrick’s Day parade, an event still more than half a year away. I’ve read him often over the years. I was slightly surprised at the strong tone of his words. That he disagreed with the archbishop, I wasn’t surprised.

Putting to rest all sort of rumors, Msgr Pope admits he pulled the plug on a rather angry and vehement essay. Allies and opponents both have the full text, if reference is needed. Sounds like the parable of the pillow, if you ask me.

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3 Responses to Erasure

  1. FrMichael says:

    Ah, the chancery squeeze. “Been there, done that”… or more accurately, “been there, been done by that.” OF COURSE he withdrew the essay on his own volition, nothing to see here, move along, peons in the pew.

    In reality Msgr. Pope’s essay was perfectly fine, no scandal whatsoever in expressing a completely valid viewpoint in accord with our Catholic Tradition. I dare say the Cure d’Ars and St. John of the Cross would have been pleased to write such a fine piece.

    Unfortunately, you cross the Lavender Mafia at your own risk in AmChurch– or better said, scAmChurch. Cardinal Prozac and The Prince triumph for now. But God is not mocked.

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    From the RotoRooter site: “In New York City in particular, the “parade” is devolving into a farcical and hateful ridicule of the faith that St. Patrick preached.”

    The drunkenness and just bad behavior that is common in these parades is “the faith that St. Patrick preached?”

    Glad to know that.

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