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On My Bookshelf: Atchison Blue

Yesterday I overheard my colleague Shari describe our parish library to a prospective student as “one of the best theological libraries in Iowa.” That may be right. It also has amazing spiritual riches, like this book by the poet and journalist Judith … Continue reading

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Is “Suicide” A Bad Church Word?

I received a request from one of our students this morning: could we pray for a hometown friend who committed suicide? We are very careful about naming people (I was sent the name) in the prayers of the faithful. Lacking the person’s … Continue reading

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DPPL 50: Vatican II

Vatican II defined the modern relationship between liturgy and popular piety. We reference the constitution on liturgy, in which harmony is the goal: 50. The relationship between the Liturgy and popular piety, in our times, must be approached primarily from … Continue reading

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