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Immense Heaven

The astronomy picture of the day is Laniakea, the newly discovered/defined super-structure that includes our Milky Way Galaxy. There’s already a Wikipedia entry. The massive Virgo Supercluster is now just an “appendage” in the bigger scheme of things. It’s hard … Continue reading

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DPPL 54: Liturgy Surpasses … In Theory

In theory, the liturgy, especially the Mass, “surpasses all other” forms of prayer. This, despite the testimonies of people cited in DPPL 53, and the obvious situations in which people have no recourse to regular sacramental care or the liturgical … Continue reading

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Another Fired Employee

I have a hard time mustering what to say about church employees being fired for announcing engagements to people of the same sex, being pregnant outside of marriage or normal conception activity. The truth is that many of us sign … Continue reading

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