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Reconciliation Lectionary: Genesis 4:1-15

I have never heard this passage from the early mythology of Genesis proclaimed and preached at a Reconciliation Liturgy. The tale of Cain and Abel is one of the saddest in the Bible. At least I find it so. In … Continue reading

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Remarriage Worse Than Murder

Bishop Robert Lynch reflects on a “Rubicon” about to be crossed: Think about it for a moment, I can absolve the most heinous of criminals who seeks God’s forgiveness for the sin of murder and give him or her the … Continue reading

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DPPL 61: Values in Popular Piety

Values in popular piety, according to popes, we start with the Holy Spirit, the recognition that the Spirit guides people and the magisterium accepts this, in principle: 61. Popular piety, according to the Magisterium, is a living reality in and … Continue reading

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