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Taking Flight

Late tomorrow morning, I plan to be sitting in a plane flying to Chicago. Then a bit later, a different aircraft heading for the south shore of Lake Ontario. Posting might continue semi-regularly for the next nine days. Or I … Continue reading

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When Loud Is Bad, Even When It Tries To Be Good

Much is made of the apparent fading influence of religion in the public square. I think I’ve read about it on dotCommonweal, RNS, and maybe one or two conservative sites. I think one reason a lot of religious conservatives might … Continue reading

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War Is … Fill In The Blank

Evangelical conservatives are feeling the woes. I don’t get it. You fight a war, under any circumstances, and there will be at least one loser. (Usually both sides lose, but that’s fodder for another post.) A person who wages real … Continue reading

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DPPL 68: The Family

You might imagine that if we’re talking about family after Vatican II, St John Paul is being cited: 68. Pope John Paul II has shown how the family can be a subject of popular piety. The exhortation Familiaris Consortio, having … Continue reading

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