Taking Flight

RoseateTern23Late tomorrow morning, I plan to be sitting in a plane flying to Chicago. Then a bit later, a different aircraft heading for the south shore of Lake Ontario.

Posting might continue semi-regularly for the next nine days. Or I might have time to write a bit more than usual. We’ll see how I feel and if I have better things to do.

My mother has been bothered with a back injury for some months now. Her 91st birthday was last week. There was a thought from a family member or two, her ailments might be more serious. So I booked a flight a few weeks back.

Said ailments turn out to be not as grave as thought, so I’m looking forward to a pleasant visit with her–my first in three years. My wife and I had discussed sending the young miss to frolic with cousins this past summer, but there was little interest on her part. (Likely she was masking her enthusiasm under teen cool, but whatever.) So I have the airline ticket instead.

I have a few essays in the queue: a few reconciliation readings, a few book reviews, something on encounter for Max, another idea or two I’ve been percolating. Like I said: you might see some stuff, or then again, you might not.

If you are inclined, say a prayer or two for my mother, our family, and me. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that when my mother passes away, it will be like a trunk leaving scattered branches about. Will I feel even less connected to my siblings and their children? Will I feel less pull to the place of my birth and rearing? If some tether snaps, will I be propelled into further frontiers: Oregon or New Mexico or other places farther afield? Another few generations and the Iowa Flowerdays and the Upstate New York Flowerdays may be totally unknown to each other. Will each branch of the family tree thrive or wither in the absence of the other?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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