Best Flight

It was largely rainy from Iowa to Chicago today. But the plane ride from there to Rochester was one of the best times I’ve ever had in the air. I was watching two Michigans, first the lake, then the state. Flew over Detroit and then Lake Erie. As I got closer to Buffalo, things got familiar: the shoreline, the Welland Canal, a few small cities in southern Ontario, and then Hamilton at the point of Lake Ontario, then the sprawl of Toronto a bit farther into the mid-afternoon haze.

Then I spotted Niagara Falls from the air. I could see the white foam of the American side. The Canadian Falls were obscured by the angle I was traveling. After Buffalo and its suburbs, I got a good look at the city of Rochester from the air, and my university alma mater during descent.

“Awesome!” I texted the young miss when I was on the ground.

My brother and I spent some time with Mom, then he had me over for soup, salad, and sandwiches. Then my sis picked me up and we went to her home–where Mom lives too.

Not feeling very theological today, but reflective. Seeing familiar geography from the air, then driving through old and familiar neighborhoods where I used to live. The trees are big and beautiful on my old street. The elms were cut down in 1968, the year after we moved in. But the maples planted that summer have all matured. Nearly half-a-century–wow. Lots of urban blight, too. That was sad to see.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Liam says:


    I am iindeed working on something for Psalm 130 (all the pieces are gathered and trimmed, as it were, but need to be fitted), but I too must travel to NY State (downstate in this case) to attend to declining nonanegarian eldercare issues.

    I have this sense your family is on the western side of things, as it were. If you’ve not visited in 2 years, consider real wonderful pizza at Fiammas. The pizzaiolo from Salerno trained under his uncle from Sorrento at the famed Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave in the Bronx.

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