DPPL 69: Associations

STA altar at night smallI’m not sure I would consider these groups as “equally important” to families. Important and vital, to be sure. But families are still the key. That said, let’s read what they have to say about “confraternities and other … associations”:

69. Equally important subjects of popular piety are the confraternities and other pious associations of the faithful. In addition to their charitable and social endeavours, they have an institutional commitment to foster Christian cult, in relation to the Trinity, to Christ in his mysteries, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the Angels and Saints, in relation to the Beati, and in promoting suffrage for the souls of the faithful departed.
The Confraternities often observe, side by side with the liturgical calendar, their own proper calendars which indicate particular feasts, offices, novenas, septenaria, tridua, penitential days, processions, pilgrimages, and those days on which specific works of mercy are to be done. They also have their own devotional books and insignia such as medals, habits, cinctures, and even their own places of worship and cemeteries.
The Church recognizes the confraternities and grants juridical personality to them(Cf. canon law 301 & 312), approves their statutes and fosters their cultic ends and activities. They should, however, avoid conflict and isolation by prudent involvement in parochial and diocesan life.

Work with the bigger team for the bigger goals, these groups are reminded. Good to know.

The full document, the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy, is online at the Vatican site.

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