How Will Big Sports Events End?

The 2022 Winter Olympics are adrift, and with two “undesirable” nations on the line to host, the International Olympic Committee sits in a difficult spot.

As a science-fiction reader with a mind for the future, I wonder sometimes how major sporting events of our day will eventually go extinct. What’s the alternative? That the Super Bowl and the World Cup and other trophies will be contested well into, say, the thirtieth or ninetieth millennium and beyond? Can you imagine a Baseball World Series with a longer pedigree than the pope? In about 160 years, there would be more World Series contested than papal conclaves.

fossil footballCan you imagine Super Bowl MMMDCCCLXXXVIII? That would be the 3,888th, and it would be played in the year 5854AD.

If it still is being contested.

What do you suppose the last Super Bowl will look like? How many fans will be in attendance? Where will it be held? How will the traditions associated with it have changed? Would be even recognize it as football?

Getting back to the Olympics, I wonder what would happen if no nation wanted to host a games. What then? You can’t force sponsors and a host nation.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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