patty's wedding dayMy sister was married 32 years ago today. There was no happy-ever-after ending, as she had hoped. My brother-in-law got into serious substance abuse and legal trouble. Divorce followed. Many years later, after he found the grace of sobriety, he was killed in an auto accident involving a drunk driver. What brutal irony.

My sister posted some images on facebook today, including the one of us with our younger brother, on the left. Yes, there was indeed an era when wedding dresses had sleeves

Though the Church ruled with a declaration of nullity, I think my sister still felt something for the man.

Speaking for myself, I liked the guy. But my sister entered into the marriage as a college student working part-time. By the time her husband was carted off to jail, she had given up on getting her degree in dance, and was working three jobs to keep them afloat.

I look rather stiff in the dancing, don’t I? I didn’t often get to dance with a pro:

dancing with Patty

The ruffled disco-era shirt probably didn’t help.

One funny thing I remember is that some old guy was chasing after my girlfriend, who was whisked away in rescue by a neighbor. Sadly, the part I prefer to forget (but still remember) was when the groom’s parents needed the couple to open their cards and put together the cash to finish paying for the reception–somebody didn’t plan well, or something. That struck me as plain wrong.

Otherwise, ah! youth.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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