On A Truce

Bishop Robert Lynch, not a favorite with one of our regular commentators here, isn’t likely to be making fans with his recent call for a LCWR/CDF truce:

The Church at this moment in time does not need an internecine war between two respected bodies that love the same God, serve the same mission, as did our Lord.

Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle … is required to take his marching orders in this family feud from CDF. So if I had five minutes on the Synod Floor to talk about families and the Church in the next two weeks, I would ask the Holy Father when he has time to empower Archbishop Sartain to find a way to gain a truce on his own which the Pope could himself embrace which respects the interests of both but resolves disputes before they become, at least by one side, a soapbox gone too far.

I think this is right. It is interesting that Bishop Lynch would see this as a matter for the synod. True: it is a family matter within the Church. Likely not so much a doctrinal one. It also occurs to me that Archbishop Sartain, his brothers on the committee, and others involved on one side or the other, could be expending energy surfacing a powerful and persuasive theology of the family, something our Church hugely lacks and desperately needs.

This seems in the political world to be a time of truce and peacemaking, why not also within our family. If the battle continues, there will be no winners, and I would opine that the Church may well lose more respectability and credibility.

This diagnosis is correct. It may be that the Church loses credibility less than the bishops. But their loss is nobody’s gain.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to On A Truce

  1. FrMichael says:

    Your statement “Likely not so much a doctrinal one,” presumes bad faith on the part of CDF, which stated quite clearly that the investigation was triggered by the bizarre theology espoused by speakers at LCWR gatherings. Lynch, IMNSHO has no credibility on anything Catholic with his take on the Fourth and Sixth Commandments. Hopefully the man is approaching 75 soon and he can disappear from the public scene like Weakland and Ziemann.

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