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Who Brings Communion to a Priest?

A priest friend of mine, retired, underwent knee replacement surgery today. Our associate pastor went to visit. I’m not sure if he brought the Eucharist. But it struck me that a priest might be alone in a town, perhaps isolated … Continue reading

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Damage Control

I assume it was a plan to release a mid-meeting document from the synod. Why was it a surprise? Josephine McKenna at RNS reports on admitted “damage control,” or at least that’s what it looks like to Cardinal Wilfrid Napier: … Continue reading

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Aparecida 82 – Regional Cooperation

The bishops close the section on the socio-political dimension they note the efforts for regional cooperation in paragraph 82: In Latin America and the Caribbean there is a growing desire for regional integration through multilateral agreements, involving a growing number … Continue reading

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Pronoun Problems

I see an interesting discussion unfolded last week at the Chant Café over that dreaded pronoun, “we.” Nathan Knutson seems an earnest fellow. He seems to suspect various post-conciliar efforts at renewal. But God’s agency is undeniable: Certainly God makes all … Continue reading

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DPPL 93: Guidelines for the Harmonization of Popular Piety with the Liturgy

If anybody is dozing (I can see your glassy stares!) for our series on the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy (check the hyperlinked highlight for the document online) we’re getting close to wake-up time. 93. The following guidelines … Continue reading

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