DPPL 94: The Liturgical Year

STA altar at night smallChapter Four, the longest of this document, is titled “The Liturgical Year and Popular Piety,” A brief introduction:

94. The liturgical year is the temporal structure within which the Church celebrates the holy mysteries of Christ: “From the Incarnation and the Nativity to the Ascension, to Pentecost and to the wait in joyful hope for the Lord’s coming”(SC 102).
In the liturgical year, “the celebration of the Paschal Mystery […] is the most privileged moment in the daily, weekly and annual celebration of Christian worship”(Paul VI, Apostolic Letter Mysterii paschalis, in AAS 61 (1969) 222). Consequently, the priority of the Liturgical year over any other devotional form or practice must be regarded as a touch stone for the relationship between Liturgy and popular piety.

For the curious, Sunday is covered in DPPL 95, then:

  • Advent 96-105
  • Christmastide 106-123
  • Lent 124-137
  • Holy Week 138-139
  • The Paschal Triduum 140-151
  • Eastertide 152-156
  • Ordinary Time 157-182

That last section covers mainly feasts of the Lord and of Mary, though Mary is also treated in detail in Chapter Five (183-207) outside of the context of the liturgical year. The saints follow after that.

I think you will see a number of interesting aspects for liturgy in the weeks ahead. I was mildly surprised the CDWDS was attending to this level of detail. Our examination here is timely for those responsible for preparing the liturgy for their faith communities. The advent(ure) awaits.

The Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy is online at the Vatican site.

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