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Aparecida 83 – 84 – Biodiversity and Native Peoples

As the bishops analyze the reality facing the Church, they turn to issues related to the environment, but in a very different manner than Western approaches. First of all, in paragraph 83, they relate the question of bio-diversities to the … Continue reading

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Are Conservatives In Retreat?

As a parent, I notice avoidance. Laundry piles up. Dishes pile up. Homework missing, the email report cites. The young miss doesn’t seem communicative. Sometimes there are good reasons. Sometimes it’s the blame game. On occasion, she just messed up. … Continue reading

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DPPL 95: Sunday

Before launching into Advent, the Church devotes some “ink” to the Eighth Day. First, a reminder that Sunday is primary. Why? Because it is, by definition, a festive observance with Jesus Christ at the root. Each Sunday is an Easter: … Continue reading

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