Theology of the Body Stands at the Door, Knocks

George Weigel, among others, is miffed that Theology of the Body wasn’t invited to the synod:

It’s also disconcerting that John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, which is the Church’s best answer to that challenge, seemed to have been systematically excluded from the synod deliberations, in that no member of any of the John Paul II Institutes on Marriage and the Family around the world was invited to the synod. We may hope that that will be remedied when the cast of characters is assembled for 2015.

What sort of exclusion qualifies as “systematic”? Is it possible that ToB isn’t as relevant to family life as it is among young singles? Were questionnaires filled out by IMF people turned away? Can we just say that nobody attended? I don’t think any divorced and remarried persons deliberated. Nor any LGBT people. Is this representative democracy Mr Weigel is suggesting: that every flavor of institute and think tank needs to be at the table?

I read another commentator somewhere the past few weeks suggesting that St John Paul II was more a champion of clergy and religious than married persons, if we were to look at a comparison of those elevated to sainthood on his watch. More than a decade ago, wasn’t there a movement to find more lay people to canonize? Didn’t they just shrug their shoulders and Rome and say, “Nope. None to be found.”?

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1 Response to Theology of the Body Stands at the Door, Knocks

  1. crystal says:

    It’s hard to believe that anyone follows the Theology of the Body and I find it very sexist, but one of the women picked for the Theological Commission, Tracey Rowland, worked at the JPII Institute for Marriage and Family and the bishop chosen to replace Cardinal Pell, Anthony Fisher, also worked there, so I don’t think the T of the B people are being scorned.

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