Fr Anthony posted at PrayTell today that it’s been two months since the CDWDS head was shipped off to Valencia.

I wondered over there if all of the Holy Father’s candidates have turned him down. What if you posted a job opening, and nobody applied? Someone on the site suggested that maybe it’s an organizational thing: CDWDS will get folded into Saints or the CDF.

On the latter option, I hope not.

Someone once told me that at least half of the priests offered the office of bishop under Pope Benedict XVI did not accept. Imagine that. What if Rome’s first choices all said yes in the past ten years. Would we have a hierarchy better or worse, do you think?

Maybe it’s time to look for a lay person to head the office for liturgy. Really: how many bishops have to say no for the Holy Spirit’s message to get through?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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