In the Sporting World

I caught parts of three Premier League matches yesterday. Total of two goals. More tension than one might expect.

The Swans were getting pressed, and then they were a player down for twenty minutes at the end against Everton. Their manager seemed pleased:

I’m extremely proud of my team – the way they dug in for such a long period. They deserve that point for the effort they put in.”

Earlier this week, they werswan-in-attack-mode-2e busted by a poor refereeing decision. Again. So it is said. The powers-that-be have conspired to keep the Swans off my tv or computer screen at key moments.

Or maybe players have to show more grit when the tide turns against them. It’s not like one player down in football is like defending a power play in hockey. Swansea is a capable defensive team.

I tend to be a skeptic on video replay to assist those who govern games. American football is interminable enough for its commercial breaks. Introducing instant replay in real football would ruin the game. I’d rather have bad referee’s decisions be part of the game, like this questionable choice from a rather good championship player.

Maybe the humanity of game officials should be part of the contest. Maybe referees should be challenged to be even better at what they do. Perhaps they should be publicly accountable for their decisions.

I watched Villa’s Christian Benteke get red carded for “fighting” in today’s late match. “Letter of the law” according to the game announcer. The commentator thought it could be interpreted differently than a punch or a slap. What good would instant replay do on a judgment call like that?

I was noticing some American football out of the corner of my eye. Buffalo gets a bye week, then they play two games in five days. Too bad the NFL isn’t smart enough to arrange a schedule to give teams the weekend off before they play a Thursday night game.

Oh right. This is professional sport. It isn’t about the game. Or the players and fans. It’s about the money.

Nice last game of the World Series. I watched in a sports bar with friends. Don’t know when the last time I did that. It was fun. Would have preferred a different ending, but there’s always tomorrow. Or next season.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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