Election Day!

Parent pride: the young miss joins me at the precinct to serve as an election official for the second shift. The county auditor’s office assigned us five people serving their first election. I won’t be the youngest at the voting site.

Day off from the parish as my shift is 6am local till closing. I have scheduled another DPPL drop for later this morning. By Friday at the latest, I’ll have time to ponder the synod document as promised. It’s been a busy time on many fronts. I don’t expect to be writing much original here this month or next. Two series, yes. A lot of advance writing on my day off planned to drop through the week.

Getting back to the politics. It will be good to see an end to internet political ads. There’s a Big senate race in Iowa. From what I’ve heard we have over 15,000 absentee ballots already cast in my county. It hasn’t stopped what has been a merciless and now, fruitless effort to demonize the opponent. The closer I get to the local scene in politics, the better I feel about voting.

Polarization in legislatures tends to nullify the attempts at democracy. When houses and senates are ineffective, we have a default government in executive and judiciary branches, a lamentable lurch toward a society of insulated aristocrats.

After that dollop of cynicism, I still recommend voting. I’ll be there for y’all today.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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