Early EPL

With no pressing duties on the church front till the afternoon, I get to enjoy some compelling English football this morning. Liverpool make a game effort against Chelsea, but come up short. The difference between these teams seems so small, but is significant. Every so often Liverpool would unravel a bit. Maybe their first goal was a bit lucky. They were working hard for it, though. And that hand ball not called in the second half spared them a chance to equalize.

I wondered about the Chelsea team doctor. I assumed she would be getting a lot of attention from male sports fans, and I wasn’t wrong. A quick search brought up quite a bit, including this comment about Eva Carniero being the “Florence Nightingale of football.” You sure don’t see that in American football. Another good thing about English football … no cheerleaders, just serious and seriously competent women.

The football in bed experience is new to me. NBC provides a lot of sport online. And with the choice of rolling out of bed before the Saturday morning heat kicks the house up from 60F, I opted to stay next to my wife with the earplugs in.

With one of my two favorite stateside sides out of the MLS playoffs, the only thing left now is Europe. We never got down to Kansas City for a match this year. I hope to plan that a bit better next season.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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