Cardinal O’Malley Clarifies

The Boston Pilot featured a bit more on Sunday’s airing of 60 Minutes, mainly some background explanation from the archbishop himself. I notice he didn’t back down:

The situation in the Diocese of St. Joseph-Kansas City is a painful one; we pray that the visitation will help. After all that American Catholics have been through in the past decade, survivors and the community at large understandably are demanding transparency and accountability.

It is a mark of how well-regarded and respected the office of bishop is today that people are in pain over the continuation of Robert Finn as the head of that Missouri see. If people didn’t care about bishops, the whole situation would have blown over by now. I wonder if, in part, the man is less relevant to his supporters. Some, it seems, support the mouthing of approved positions. Anybody can do that. One could record the Catechism and just replace the ringing of fabricated bells in a steeple with a tape loop of sections 1 through 2865.

I trust that there were serious concerns that gave rise to the visitations, but it would seem that better planning and a wider participation of American religious and U.S. bishops would have been helpful.

Exactly right. I think some in the Vatican indeed had serious concerns. Their fatal flaw was not engaging in the dialogue and discussion. They attempted to impose a judgment on something for which they had little or no understanding. And to their credit, the women refused to acquiesce, as is their right.

This affair has been bungled from day one. And the result is that nobody is really satisfied. Many women religious and lay people are embittered with the ignorance and sexism threaded all through the investigation. Many in the Temple Police are frustrated with the impotence of Rome and the bishops.

I’ve read much commentary on Cardinal O’Malley’s response to the issue of women’s ordination. As with the LCWR, nobody seems satisfied. The archbishop recognizes it remains a sore spot in the Church. For me, that’s all he can do.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley Clarifies

  1. John Drake says:

    Your continual reference as “Temple Police” about those orthodox Catholics with serious concerns, liturgical and ecclesial, while graciously referring to liberals as simply “lay people” is getting tiresome.

    • Todd says:

      Okay. But the Temple Police, as I see them, are any element of Catholicism who complain, but offer no service, no sacrifice, no real contribution to the Body. I’ve known people in the Temple Police who some might consider less-than-orthodox.

      I have no problem with orthodox Catholics. I consider myself one. I do have a problem with punditry that lacks prudence.

      By the way, even the worst of the Temple Police are lay people, and my sister and brother Catholics. I might criticize their behavior, but with a nod to Liam’s comment elsewhere earlier this morning, I would never shoot them.

    • Jim McCrea says:

      But they ARE, Blanche .. they ARE!

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