Days To Christmas

coyote carols in treeMy work computer is set to Yahoo as its automatic search page. It gives me a Christmas countdown every time I hop there. 20d 17h 22m 56s when I logged in this morning. So nice that my corporate masters at Yahoo consider Christmas as starting at midnight as 24 December turns to the 25th in the US Central Time Zone. Glad they don’t consider this the 34th day of Christmas or something, reckoning from the start of advertising in earnest.

Meanwhile on the holiday media front, my local “Christmas radio stations” have played three “Jesus” songs out of 43. There would have been a number four, but it was a modern instrumental with no vocals. I checked with my wife on the survey and she said not to  include it. She still finds these little projects amusing. She loves a good Christmas carol like any other decent Christian woman. But a romantic holiday song is just alright with her, too.

Three out of forty-three is seven percent. This is down a bit from last November’s thirty percent. Statistically significant, it would seem. What are you hearing on your car radio? No fair tapping into Christian Christmas music thingies on the satellite.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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