Swans Hammered

swansea city afcThe manager wasn’t high on his team’s performance in East London today. I would have to agree. West Ham United, hats off for leaping into 3rd place. Even after Bony scored at minute 19, I was worried about this match. Swansea was just not clicking.

Black_Swan_and_CygnetCompared to last season, it is refreshing to see a few of last year’s bottom-half clubs in the top third. Especially Southampton and West Ham, which were picked for relegation by a lot of pundits as the season opened.

Busy month for the Premier League–lots of games to watch. A friend at the parish asked if I had these matches recording on DVR. No. The suggestion was Santa could provide. I don’t think Santa young miss and Santa spouse would appreciate me racking up hours of viewing like that.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Swans Hammered

  1. David D. says:

    Will you be watching the MLS final?

  2. David D. says:

    I don’t follow the MLS myself bu it seems like the middle of December during the NFL fight for the playoffs is not the best time to hold the championship game.

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