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It wasn’t quite true that the conservative blogosphere was totally school-silent about those American sisters getting that high-B from Rome. At dotCommonweal, Mollie Wilson O’Reilly scratches a bit on two familiar names. Ex-Catholic Rod Dreher, unhinged now and then since … Continue reading

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On Cuba

Pope Francis expresses joy. Senator Marco Rubio needs a napkin. And maybe a civics lesson in the difference between an executive branch and a legislative branch of government. Looks like the ranks of the Catholic Confused just expanded by one. … Continue reading

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Synod on the Family 42: Why Couples Live Together

Read the full synod document here. This section breaks no theological or pastoral ground. It attempts to communicate what the synod bishops were told about the situation in various countries, cultures, and dioceses. 42. The synod fathers also noted in many countries … Continue reading

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DPPL 164: Eucharistic Adoration

Two sections, 164 and 165, touch upon Eucharistic adoration beyond the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. Remember, this is also covered in the Church’s document which describes various forms of Eucharistic worship outside of Mass. 164. Adoration of … Continue reading

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