It wasn’t quite true that the conservative blogosphere was totally school-silent about those American sisters getting that high-B from Rome. At dotCommonweal, Mollie Wilson O’Reilly scratches a bit on two familiar names.

Ex-Catholic Rod Dreher, unhinged now and then since 9/11, gets dinged in the final:

But now he’s pouting, as is his wont:

It’s a total and complete whiff. So, crisis averted. The radical nuns can carry on with their work. The only comfort Catholic conservatives and traditionalists can take from it is that the problem of the heretical orders will be solved shortly by the march of time.

Merry Christmas, sisters! The Lord has done great things for you. But Rod Dreher wants you to know that he finds comfort (if not joy) in the thought that you’ll all be dead soon.

I feel for Rod. He had to suck it up with many of his conservative confreres last decade over sex abuse cover-up. My recollection is that he shifted to Orthodoxy (the real thing, that, not the mantle that superceded “conservative” or “devout” to describe the elder siblings) over misbehaving bishops.

Given how close the roots of this witch hunt investigation were to the Legion of Christ founder’s close allies in Rome, maybe Mr Dreher wants to rethink how close he really wants to be on the podium with Cardinal Franc Rodé.

Ann Carey has made a cottage industry of criticizing women religious. Articles. Books. Lots of pages on the NCReg site and elsewhere. Maybe if the journalist cultivated sources within religious orders, she wouldn’t be left feeling high and dry:

Carey seems disappointed that we, the general public, might never know exactly what problems the visitation turned up in its visits to specific orders. But why should we?

Why indeed? Do the pajama-wearers in the Church really need to know? I don’t think so. I don’t really want to know, either. None of my business. And unless Ann Carey joins a particular religious order, moves up the pipeline to the superior’s desk, it’s not hers either.

I know the NCReg, Ms Carey’s frequent platform, divested itself of the Legion of Christ a few years ago. Maybe this media bile has some connection. Maybe not. Or maybe bitterness to non-LC religious life is just the target of some friendly internecine rivalry–like Franciscans and the Jesuits. Er… Or not. Or maybe Ann Carey has a new ax to grind–do you think it merits a book?

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  1. All that disenfranchised anger, kind of sad. More than kind of!

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