Just Get Some Rest

It’s not just the curia who could be looking at Pope Francis’s blistering message. It occurred to me that many of the ailments describe the sicknesses of pastoral ministry. I was struck by the second one as personally applicable, that immersion in work:

The second is “’Martha-ism’, or excessive industriousness; the sickness of those who immerse themselves in work, inevitably neglecting ‘the better part’ of sitting at Jesus’ feet. Therefore, Jesus required his disciples to rest a little, as neglecting the necessary rest leads to stress and agitation. Rest, once one who has brought his or her mission to a close, is a necessary duty and must be taken seriously: in spending a little time with relatives and respecting the holidays as a time for spiritual and physical replenishment, it is necessary to learn the teaching of Ecclesiastes, that ‘there is a time for everything’”.

Poor Martha.

He says things one might expect about spending time at the feet of the Lord. But just get some rest for its own sake: I know I need to be reminded of that.

Being able to replenish our bodies and spirits: it’s just how human beings are made. Taking care is not a luxury, but a “duty.” If we consider a full expression of stewardship, that our bodies are not our own, but temples of the Lord, perhaps that makes sense.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Just Get Some Rest

  1. Melody says:

    I have been reading about Pope Francis’ “blistering message”; I don’t know, from the text it doesn’t really seem that bad. Kind of like a communal examination of conscience before a penance service, tailored to a particular audience.
    Good point about rest as stewardship; reminds me of the invitatory antiphon, “Let us listen to the voice of the Lord, let us enter into his rest.”

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