Boxing Day

My wife asked me what “Boxing Day” is–part of the headline during the Premier League matches today on tv. NBC host Rebecca Lowe referred to the “feast of football.” I wonder how many English employers still present a “Christmas box” to their underlings on 26 December. Maybe everybody in Britain is just attending or watching football. Eleven hours of tv coverage in the States is just gluttonous. On par with actual eating on Thanksgiving Day.

I watched a triple-header of live football while the cats and rabbit played in leftover giftwrap. I continue to be impressed with Chelsea. They seem to be able to flip a switch and turn on their game enough to win comfortably. I thought West Ham went down meekly. Why couldn’t they have done that a few weeks ago against my favorite team?

swansea city afcI switched to Swans-Villa online while the network cut to the Wayne Rooney show. Every Swansea match seems to be a worry. While they are eighth in the standings and even seventh in goal differential, just once this season I wish they could put up three or four goals and coast. Great free kick from Gylfi Sigurdsson, then nurse 1-0 for eighty minutes.

In the last live game I rooted for QPR against Arsenal. Two reasons: underdog, obviously, and the Gunners, by winning, would bypass the Swans into sixth place. Which they did.

Everton is in trouble. Ms Lowe’s favorite team drops into the drop zone.

Time to check on scores in the lower leagues. I wonder how Bournemouth would fare if they make it to the Premier League next season.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. David D. says:

    Todd, you should be quite happy with Swans. They are well run financially and well organized on the pitch. I suspect the move for Sigurdsson is the type of move that separates the comfortably mid table teams from those the bottom. If they can hold onto their current position and make a little run in the FA Cup it would be an extremely good campaign.

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