Synod on the Family 54: Mixed Marriages

window from insideRead the full synod document here.

Let me say upfront that I object to the adjective “mixed” when it applies to marriages between Catholics and other Christians, or people of other faiths.

54. The problems relative to mixed marriages were frequently raised in the interventions of the synod fathers. The differences in the matrimonial regulations of the Orthodox Churches creates serious problems in some cases, which require due consideration in the work of ecumenism. Analogously, the contribution of the dialogue with other religions would be important for interreligious marriages.

A few thoughts on this slightly schizophrenic passage that tries to blend two independent thoughts briefly and not so well. First, not all “mixed” marriages have problems. Divorce rates for Catholics married to mainline Protestants and even “nones” is comparable, sometimes better than unions between two Catholics.

Second, the Orthodox view on divorce and remarriage had been cited a lot before this synod. Even Pope Francis alluded to it once. So, why did 145 bishops approve this paragraph? What were the 29 dissenters thinking? What were the other nine bishops doing that they missed the vote?

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