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A musical term. Music moves from a position of tension, dissonance, or anticipation to a perceived place of rest. Satisfaction. I have a musical friend who dislikes when I leave something on a non-final chord. Resolution is also a term … Continue reading

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Curious Case Concludes

Grant Gallicho’s series on Carlos Urrutigoity concludes at dotCommonweal today. You may recall that famous renegade priest who peppered an experience of sleeping with male teens and men within a career as a self-styled rigorist within traditional Catholicism. The man surfaced … Continue reading

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Synod on the Family 57: The Transmission of Life and the Challenges of a Declining Birthrate

Read the full synod document here. More positive stuff in paragraph 57: 57. Today, the diffusion of a mentality which reduces the generation of human life to accommodate an individual’s or couple’s plans is easily observable. Sometimes, economic factors are burdensome, contributing … Continue reading

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DPPL 176: Blood of Christ in Christological Titles

In section 175, we read of the many Scriptural references to the Blood of Christ. In 176, we are reminded of the New Testament connections of Christology and Blood: 176. The Christological titles associated with the Redeemer are particularly associated with … Continue reading

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