A musical term. Music moves from a position of tension, dissonance, or anticipation to a perceived place of rest. Satisfaction. I have a musical friend who dislikes when I leave something on a non-final chord.

Resolution is also a term that describes bringing things into focus.

Ah, a new year. I’ve been pondering a few resolutions. One, I think I’m giving up commenting on other blogs. I have a finite amount of writing to do in my life. I can do it here and in constructive places.

Two, write more music.

Probably one too many. Any good resolutions from the commentariat, something other than F#m7 to B7 to E?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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6 Responses to Resolution

  1. HNY, Brother!
    It’ll be interesting to see if you keep your first resolution; I, for one, hope not.
    Regarding the second, drop the hammer with the unflinchingly bathetic bVI-bVII-I !

  2. Copernicus says:

    Happy New Year, Todd. I’d suggest a major seventh chord on bVI, 6th and 9th over bII, ending on major 9th and (sharpened) eleventh over the tonic. Not safe for liturgical use, but I’m sure Pope Francis would point out that there’s more to life. ;-)

  3. Omigosh, Copernicus is advocating Purple Haze! W
    How fitting for an astronomer.

  4. Jen says:

    I need to write more music, too. My problem isn’t ideas, but actually finishing something. I find I get bored with what I’ve started, then either abandon it, or start something new. I absolutely can’t do one thing at a time, either, or THAT piece languishes in obscurity because I get bored. I can’t do the modernist thing of every detail of a piece being “pre-composed,” either. Why bother? It’s already written. I’m a bit of an experience junkie, and the act of discovery is what keeps me interested. Ideally, if I can keep 3-4 things in development, I’ll actually finish something. Fewer than 3 or more than 5, I’m screwed.

    I also suspect I need a change of idea/philosophy. Or “new licks,” as a jazz professor I knew would say. While a lot of composers I know and love (both professionally and in a friendship way) are modernists, there’s a lot of the philosophy I find myself rejecting. (And is repugnant, like the CIA connections.) But I’m not sure just tossing out 50 years’ worth of history is something that can (or should) be done. But that’s for a blog post on my own blog sometime. :)

  5. Jen says:

    And I bet your friend *loves* the ending to Ives’ 2nd symphony. :)

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