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Final Alias

I remember being struck by a Mission: Impossible episode I viewed with my dad once. It was a rare (if not unique) variant of their pattern: plan a caper, almost get caught, but escape in the end with hardly a … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 10: The “Ecclesial” Nature of Religious Institutes

Chapter III addresses “religious life within ecclesial communion.” In other words, sections 10 through 14 will reflect on how religious fit in the larger picture of the Church. You can check the full document online here. 10. The religious state … Continue reading

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When Liturgists Dream

I don’t usually like to share personal dreams beyond a small circle of family and friends. I think content reveals too much. But this one was just too funny. I had dozed during parish confirmation and didn’t wake until the … Continue reading

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DPPL 198: Rosary Beads

Everyone’s rosary is blessed, right? We are talking about more than just a necklace. Consult the Book of Blessings, as needed: 198. The Blessing for Rosary Beads (Cf. Book of Blessings 1183-1207) indicates the Church’s esteem for the Rosary. This … Continue reading

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