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Another Francis

Francis de Sales getting some nice e-press this week. Check here and (surprisingly) here. From Ulrich Lehner at First Things, six points of congruence with Pope Francis, including a note on gentleness: (He) was, like his most famous follower, St. Alphonsus … Continue reading

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Swans Bedevil Saints

It was a most satisfying thing to see Swansea turn the tables on an opponent for a change. I wasn’t counting on much from today’s match in Southampton. Maybe 0-0. At best. Thanks to injuries, a suspension, an overseas opportunity, and … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 21: Mutual Collaboration Among Religious

Today we read of Rome’s initiative in setting up conferences of religious women and men. These operate on universal and national levels. Sometimes more than one association exists, as we know today in the US. It’s hard to see how … Continue reading

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DPPL 209: Holy Women and Men According to Vatican II

Through section 212, the DPPL will introduce us to some basic principles on venerating holy women and men. Martyrs were first, in the earliest centuries. Their deaths were honored as signs of God’s grace, so it’s not surprising the trend … Continue reading

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