Mutuae Relationes 21: Mutual Collaboration Among Religious

SenanquecloisterToday we read of Rome’s initiative in setting up conferences of religious women and men. These operate on universal and national levels. Sometimes more than one association exists, as we know today in the US. It’s hard to see how that fits the stated purpose, as we read below. We will also read of some expected activities:

Mutual collaboration among religious

21. Within the setting of religious life the Holy See establishes Conferences of Major Superiors and of Superiors General, both on the local and on the universal level (cf. Perfectae Caritatis 23; REU* 73, 5). Obviously, these differ from Episcopal Conferences in nature and authority. Their primary purpose is the promotion of religious life as it is inserted into the contexture of ecclesial mission, and their activity consists in offering common services, suggesting fraternal initiatives and proposals for collaboration, respecting, of course, the distinctive nature of each institute.

… recognizing that religious communities offer much in terms of ministry and charity to the Church as well as the world.

This will undoubtedly contribute also to offering valuable assistance for pastoral coordination especially if a suitable examination of the operative statutes is made at fixed times, and if, above all, the mutual relationships between Bishops’ Conferences and Conferences of Major Superiors are carried out according to the directives issued by the Holy See.

Thoughts or comments?

You can check the full document online here.

* No idea from me on what document is referred to as “REU.” The Vatican site doesn’t provide anything more.

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1 Response to Mutuae Relationes 21: Mutual Collaboration Among Religious

  1. FrMichael says:

    The more I read of this document, the more I realize how little education I received about religious life in seminary. Not just MR but the cited REU is a complete mystery to me. It’s like the early days in ecclesiology class when acronyms like LG and CD were being thrown around by the prof.

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