Swans Bedevil Saints

swansea city afcIt was a most satisfying thing to see Swansea turn the tables on an opponent for a change. I wasn’t counting on much from today’s match in Southampton. Maybe 0-0. At best.

Thanks to injuries, a suspension, an overseas opportunity, and a sale, all but one of this seasons goals for the Swans were scored and created by players not on the pitch today. Ashley Williams almost willed the team to victory–that’s what a captain is supposed to do. Aside from his goal, Jonjo Shelvey appeared to play intelligently. At least in the second half. The new players seemed to hold their own, and toward the end of the game, a bit more.

I wasn’t tremendously impressed with most of the Premier League action I saw yesterday–parts of three matches.  Is February the dog days for the EPL?

Won’t be watching any American football tonight. Heading back to the parish for evening Mass.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Swans Bedevil Saints

  1. David D. says:

    Very nice win. I had BBC live reporting up while doing some paperwork. I believe one reporter described the win as a smash and grab.

    The top quarter table is starting to sort itself out along predictable lines with the most interesting question being whether Southampton will be able to stay in the mix.

    Bony headed home two, one from new league teammate Yaya Toure, in the Ivory Coast’s 3-1 AFCON quarterfinal win over Algeria. For selfish reasons, I was hoping for an Algeria win.

    • Todd says:

      Man City had a mostly spirited match with Chelsea, very enjoyable to watch. A good demonstration of the best of the EPL. I watched the first half last night and the second this morning. That race is far from over. Far. There are enough good teams to trap either of the top two. And somehow, I wouldn’t count Man U out of making some noise before it’s all over.

      As for the Swans, Shelvey was slotted into Gylfi’s spot and seemed to be on the verge of making connections with Gomis here and there. They both played intelligently. I would love to see them pop out against Sunderland or West Brom with a batch of goals. Then Monk has to decide what to do with Gylfi when he’s back from suspension, especially if Shelvey produces as an attacking midfielder, which seems to be more in keeping with his temperament. The Swans still need a stand-up guy in front of central defense. I don’t think Shelvey fits the bill. And I want to see more from Britton and that other new guy–whats-his-name.

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