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Da Pacem, Wrong?

Charles asks a good question here. I and the rest of the world woke up to the news that the second Japanese hostage by ISIS had been beheaded. I thought “This is getting to be Groundhog Day” (no pun intended) … Continue reading

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Accompaniment and Dialogue: Good Liturgical Principles

The never-ending liturgy wars heat up a bit on PrayTell this week with the post announcing Pope Francis helping in the observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the use of the vernacular in Rome by Pope Paul. Of course, 1965 … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes Part Two: Directives and Norms

We’ll continue our review of the document Mutuae Relationes, outlining how bishops and religious women and men work together to further the mission of Christ and the Church. You can check the full document online here. Today, some text not … Continue reading

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DPPL 212: Why Saints?

Why venerate saints? The Church offers the ultimate goal, that mortal living beings will open themselves to the grace of God and aspire to virtue, holiness, and the worship and honor of God: 212. The ultimate object of veneration of … Continue reading

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