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Funny Things Happen

Grant Gallicho is one of the best journalists in the Commonweal satchel. His reporting on sex abuse cover-up is thorough and fair, while not shying away from brutality and stupidity of the players. He has a good short piece up … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Inviting the General Intercession Response

At my parish, both resident and student parishioners are invited to write the Sunday prayers. This month, one of our writers asked me if we ever invite a response other than, “Lord, hear our prayer.” We don’t change the response … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

We still have many posts ahead on Mutuae Relationes and the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy. The former will take us to mid-March, and the other, well into April. I’m making a push to get those written up … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 30: Some Mutual Concerns

The Church makes a close connection between the “mystery of Christ” and the sacraments, especially the ministry of bishops. You can check the full document online here. 30. Right from the initial stages of both ecclesiastical and religious formation, the … Continue reading

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DPPL 219: The Qualities of Saint Joseph

A nice list of virtues: 219. The virtues of St. Joseph have been the object of ecclesial reflection down through the centuries, especially the more recent centuries. Among those virtues the following stand out: faith, with which he fully accepted … Continue reading

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