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The young miss alerted me to the pope’s remarks about spanking. She was not reading the full general audience address, but a boiled-down version of this: Certainly, he also knows how to correct with firmness: he is not a weak … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 32: Diocesan Planning

We’ll continue today on the previous theme of in-depth formation. What can a diocese do? What should it do? 32. An adequate renewal of pastoral methods in the diocese requires a deeper knowledge of whatever concretely affects the local human … Continue reading

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Shadows and Obfuscation in New York

Liam sent this link in another thread, but I thought the story of parish closings in a prominent archdiocese deserved its own thread for your commentary. On Tuesday night, for example, Charles Shaw, a parishioner at St. Joseph’s parish in … Continue reading

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Ignatian Lent Retreat

I know Kevin O’Brien’s book, so it seems this retreat would be a fruitful and worthy way to explore Lent with the Lord Jesus. Adventure: I like that. It would have been inspiring to me as a young person back … Continue reading

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Ceding Excellence

What’s the metaphorical equivalent of biting my tongue where my typing fingers are concerned? Except for English football, I’ve held off from commenting on other blogs in 2015. That seems important to continue. Some striking commentary about the homiletics directory … Continue reading

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I Will Follow

A contact at Ascension Press sent me the link to this video. It’s as long as a typical homily, so I wonder if it would hold the attention of high school people–where I was told this production is targeted. I … Continue reading

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Liturgy for New Cardinals

The worship aid Rocco whispered had some interesting choices. Tu Es Petrus rendered by the choir–not the assembly. Are the singers reminding the red hats that Francis is pope, and they are not? Just one reading, but not a Gospel … Continue reading

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DPPL 221: Joseph in the Liturgy

Saint Joseph is no stranger to the liturgical year. The Church features him rather significantly as a person offered for our consideration: 221. The person and role of St. Joseph is frequently celebrated in the Liturgy, especially in connection with … Continue reading

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